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Wipes Comb Cat Comb

Wipes Comb Cat Comb

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Transform Grooming into a Bonding Experience

Experience the upgraded comfort of our Pet Wipes Comb, featuring 56/76 rubber prongs that perfectly adapt to your pet's body. The non-slip handle ensures both you and your furry friend enjoy grooming sessions. Whether your pet has short, medium, or long hair, this comb is the ultimate tool for your pet's pampering needs!

Simplify Grooming and Cleaning in One Go

 Revolutionize your grooming routine with our Multifunctional Pet Comb. Unlike ordinary combs, this ingenious tool incorporates wet paper towels to effortlessly remove loose hair while providing a gentle cleaning experience for your pet. Say goodbye to mess and hello to efficiency

Key Features 

  • Versatile Grooming Solution: This multifunctional pet comb caters to dogs, cats, and rabbits with short, medium, or long hair, offering a comprehensive grooming solution for a variety of pets.
  • Efficient Hair Removal: The unique design includes wet paper towels for effortlessly removing loose pet hair while gently cleaning the coat, ensuring a mess-free grooming experience.
  • Dual-Purpose Cleaning: The comb not only removes hair but also provides a massaging effect that soothes and untangles knots, enhancing your pet's mood and overall well-being.

Your Pet's Daily Massage and Grooming Spa

 Elevate your pet's grooming routine to the next level with our Pet Wipes Comb. Not only does it tackle loose hair, but it also indulges your pet with a soothing massage. Especially beneficial for long-haired pets, this comb's unique design untangles knots, enhances mood, and strengthens your bond.


Material: Plastic


Package: 1* Comb (Without Wet Tissue) 

The Actual Product Is As Follows: The Actual Gear Is White

A Hair-Free Home and Happy Pet Awaits

Bid farewell to pesky pet hair on clothes, sofas, and more with our Cat Comb's innovative back teeth. Keep your pet's coat clean and avoid allergies by using this comb to remove hair from various surfaces. For the ultimate grooming and care experience, choose our Pet Wipes Comb today!

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